Career Options

One important ingredient for choosing the right career is to know about various careers available. MyCarrer Book has compiled useful information on several lucrative careers. This should help you explore the various career options in front of you and know more about the ones that interest you.

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Social Careers(15)

These are those careers that are humanistic; team oriented and are generally concerned with welfare of others; where there is a lot people to people interaction. People working in these careers express themselves well and get along well with others.

1. School Teachers
2. Social Workers
3. College or University Teacher
4. Politician
5. Nursing and Medical Assistant
6. Dietitian
7. Speech Therapist
8. Counselor
9. Physiotherapist
10. Corporate Trainer
11. Cosmetologist (Beauty/Wellness Practitioner)
12. Hotel / Restaurant Guest Relations Manager
13. Human Resource Manager
14. Air Hostess/Flight Steward
15. Yoga Instructor