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CIMS software helps you to manage students, teachers, courses, batches, fees, attendance, marks and easy reports like outstanding fees, Marks, Attendance etc. This is a must have software for all coaching institutes. For quite some time we have been asked by several institutes to develop software that is focused on coaching institute requirements.


Our Software Products

  • Desktop Base CIMS
  • Web Base CIMS With (Multi Branch)
  • Desktop Base Medical Billing
  • Desktop Base Billing System

CIMS Module Details


In Student Section We Provide
  • Student Search
  • Student Enquiry
  • Student Registration
  • Student Payment
  • Student Test
  • Student Attendance

In Courses Section We Provide
  • Add Courses
  • Modify Courses
  • Delete Courses
  • Add Subject
  • Subject Fees
  • Subject Duration
  • Modify Subject Details

In Batches Section We Provide
  • Add New Batch
  • Batch Name
  • Batch Time
  • Trainer Name
  • Add student in Batch

In Trainer Section We Provide
  • Add New Trainer
  • Modify Trainer Info
  • Delete the Trainer Info
  • Search Option

In Configuration Section We Provide
  • Coaching/Institute Information
  • Tax Setting for financial year
  • User Management
  • Delete Student
  • Data Base Back and Restore
  • Other Fees

In SMS Section We Provide
  • Send SMS to single or multiple student
  • Send SMS to single or multiple Trainer
  • Send SMS to Batches

In Security Section We Provide
  • Different Log In Access
  • Form access according to designation by admin

In Reports Section We Provide
  • Payment Report :
    • Payment received date wise
    • Payment received batch wise
    • Payment received courses wise
    • Payment received subject wise
    • Outstanding Payment date wise
    • Outstanding Payment batch wise
    • Outstanding Payment courses wise
    • Outstanding Payment subject wise
    • Outstanding Payment
    • Attendance Report
    • Test Report
    • Follow Up Report
    • Payment Refund report
    • Profit and loss report
    • Other expenses report